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Ampere Heat Pumps is a manufacturer of air-source air-to-water heat pumps that fulfil hot water requirements for commercial, residential, industrial, and swimming pool facilities.  We are a team of experts and engineers passionate about delivering innovative, energy efficient heat pumps and other water solutions. Our products also offer more advanced features for safety and reliable performance.

About Air Source Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternative to traditional gas-fired boilers. With their ability to utilize ambient air instead of conventional fuels, these heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in residential, commercial & industrial applications, contributing to reduced carbon emissions while delivering heating and hot water. Adopt Ampere Heat Pumps for a greener, more cost-effective, and more comfortable means of heating

Why Air Source Heat Pumps

Environmental Protection

The refrigerant for the heat pump is environmentally friendly refrigerant which will not destroy the ozonosphere

Low Cost

Compared to electric, fuel or gas furnace, the heat pump can save 75% of the energy.


The operation of the heat pump is safe and automatic

Modular Installation

Our heat pumps apply the modular installation which is convenient for the client to install relative equipment when the hot water consumption increases

High Heating Efficiency 

Heat pumps are over 350% efficient when compared to other conventional water heating systems.

Low Cost of Operation

Heat pumps have low cost of operation due to high efficiency. It can run with different size external tank where the hot water generated is being stored

Strong and Durable

Casing of galvanized steel along with powder coating increase life-span.

Easy to Control

Our heat pumps apply the modular installation which is convenient for the client to install relative equipment when the hot water consumption increases

Maximum Reliability

Famous brand scroll compressor with co-axial copper and titanium heat exchanger creates maximum reliability and high efficiency

Optimized Performance

Has COP 3.7 to 5.3 at ambient temperature from  10 ⁰C and even at extreme cold atmospheric conditions from just a thin air  heat pumps can heat water up to 80 ⁰C.

Our Accomplishments

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Air Source Heat Pump Models

Residential Heat Pumps 150 LPH to 250 LPH

Providing hot water round-the-clock in an energy efficient and affordable way

Commercial Heat Pumps 350 LPH to 10,000 LPH

For leisure centres and sports facilities, hot water is essential and Heat pumps provide all of the heating and hot water

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps 350 LPH to 15,000 LPH

The water circulates through the coil of the pool heating pump, and
heated water then returns to the pool.

Industrial Heat Pumps 10,000 LPH to 25,000 LPH

Industrial heat pumps recover waste heat, increase its temperature, and deliver it at a higher, more useful, temperature at a low cost.

Solar Water Heater

Ampere Solar Water Heater

Optionally mounted on the roof or the ground, solar hot water systems
utilize the sun light to heat water, providing an efficient and
environmentally friendly solution.

Grundfos Pumps

Water Treatment

The purpose of water treatment is to improve water quality by removing contaminants through a variety of processes. Filtration is crucial for wastewater pumping, as it reduces operational costs in the downstream process.

Our Offerings

Water Softeners

Sand Filters

Carbon Filter

RO Filtration

Iron Remover


Industries We Serve

High-end residences


Hotels and Resorts

Healthcare centres

Swimming pools



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