Ampere Heat Pumps is a manufacturer of air-source air-to-water heat pumps that fulfil hot water requirements for commercial, residential, industrial, and swimming pool facilities.  We are a team of experts and engineers passionate about delivering innovative, energy efficient heat pumps and other water solutions. Our products also offer more advanced features for safety and reliable performance.

Elevate Your Water Heating Experience with Ampere Heat Pumps: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

Our Vision

Achieve global standards of quality and environmental safety.

To meet specific requirements of each industry application with respective demands.

Achieve seamless project delivery embodying modern work standards and catering cost-effective solutions by utilizing the latest tools and technologies.

Our Mission

Solutions are tailor-made as per client

To bring in energy efficient heat pumps for 24/7 hot water with Power Consumption less than half of the normal water heaters.

To become a significant player in specialized industrial
equipment and be the preferred choice of the customer.

Air Source Heat Pump Models

Residential Heat Pumps

150 LPH to 250 LPH

Commercial Heat Pumps

350 LPH to 10,000 LPH

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

350 LPH to 15,000 LPH

Industrial Heat Pumps

10,000 LPH to 25,000 LPH

Why Air Source Heat Pumps?

Environmental Protection

The refrigerant for the heat pump is environmentally friendly refrigerant which will not destroy the ozonosphere

Low Cost

Compared to electric, fuel or gas furnace, the heat pump can save 75% of the energy.


The operation of the heat pump is safe and automatic

Modular Installation

Our heat pumps apply the modular installation which is convenient for the client to install relative equipment when the hot water consumption increases

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