Reconditioning and Repolishing of the Dies

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Timely re-polishing of used dies brings back nearly 100% of die life, improves the wire surface finish, retains the size and roundness, and reduces wire breakages, thereby enhancing the productivity of the wire plant.

After several miles of wire drawing, a wear ring is formed at the contact point in the die profile. At this point, the die needs to be re-polished to retain the original profile and roundness, thereby ensuring continuous quality of the wire in the bobbin. If the wear ring is not removed in time, then the wear ring expands and may create horizontal cracks resulting in premature die breaks and poor wire quality.

If the wear ring is normal and its size is within tolerance, the die is repolished in the same size. If the wear ring is severe and size beyond tolerance or the damage in the die profile is significant, then the die is resized and re polished. We strongly recommend re-polishing at regular intervals.

Before Rework

Upon receiving the used dies at the Mikrotek plant, our quality personnel check each die for its present size, wear pattern, and its seriousness under a microscope. Based on the inspection report, if the die qualifies for repolishing or needs to be resized, the quality personnel prepare a customer report detailing the condition of the dies. We have a highly skilled and trained team of inspectors to do this job. They request approval to repolish or resize and ask the customer to issue the three nearest sizes to resize. Upon receiving customer approval, the dies are repolished or resized. Where required, the casing’s old entry face (full of old numbers) is cleaned, and a new size is marked.

Pits at CP

Deep scratches

Deep wear-out

Wear ring

After Rework

At Mikrotek, every used die for resizing goes through the entire die working process, including laser profiling, and is made almost brand new.

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