Extrusion Tools

We manufacture a complete range of extrusion tools for the cable industry. Our extrusion tools are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent quality requirements of the cable customers. Our state-of-art manufacturing facility and quality assurance program ensures every tool meets the order specification of the customers


Cross Heads

We offer single, dual, and triple insulation cross heads – both manual and fixed centers. Our cross heads are one of the best in the category.

They are user-friendly, easy to set, and have a stable setting for a long time with a smooth flow of material. They are highly durable because of their high-quality raw material, design, profile, and polish.

The cable size ranges from 4 to 175 mm.

  • 4/6 Self Center
  • 14/20 Self Center Square
  • 14/20 Self Center
  • 35/45 Manual Center
  • 14/20 Dual Insulation
Cross Heads Max Conductor Max Insulation Single INS Dual INS FIXED CENTER MANUAL CENTER
MCH 4-6 4mm 6mm
MCH 14-20 14mm 20mm
MCH 25-35 25mm 35mm
MCH 45-55 45mm 55mm x
MCH 65-75 65mm 75mm x
MCH 90-100 90mm 100mm x
MCH 100-125 100mm 125mm ✔  x


The quality of extrusion depends on the uniform distribution of plastic around the wire at 360°. We manufacture high quality distributors customized to meet the demands of the customer


  • Use of best suited material
  • Exact profile to give uniform distribution of the plastic
  • Compact to the required size
  • Long life because of quality raw material, customized profiles, and micron-level mirror polishing

Extrusion Tips

Our extrusion tips are manufactured with tool steel, tungsten carbide, carbide inserts, and diamond inserts. Our stringent manufacturing process produces the tips which guide the conductor precisely to the center of the extruder die to meet the high level of concentricity. They are available in round and shaped profiles.

The right choice of raw materials, hardness, and profiles result in quality cables with ease and long-lasting tools.


  • High level of concentricity
  • Close tolerances
  • Durability
  • Can be matched to any type of cross heads
  • User-friendly

Extrusion Dies

We manufacture extrusion dies with tool steel and solid tungsten carbide. Our extrusion dies have a high level of mirror polishing with blended sharp edges ensuring uniform insulation. They work very smoothly at high speeds.


  • Accurate sizes with very close tolerance
  • Concentric
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Good surface finish on the coating
  • Durable

Allied Tools

We manufacture all the allied products for cable insulation, such as connections, breaker plates, bypass systems, and others.