Special Mikrotek PCD – SMP Dies

Mikrotek manufactures polycrystalline diamond dies in the range of 0.025 – 30.000 mm.

What changes have been made to the historical die?

  • The right choice of PCD blank is made based on the combination of material drawn, wire surface finish required, heat generated during drawing, and the speed of drawing.
  • We use our proprietary ‘Solid Rock Technology’ to mount the PCD blanks into the casing.
  • The die profile is customized to give continuous benefits to our customers.

Why SMP Dies?

  • Our ‘Solid Rock Technology’ ensures high thermal conductivity and thermal stability, giving long life and a good wire surface for several miles of drawing.
  • Extended die life from every resize.
  • In most cases, there are more recuts beyond the recommended size of PCD manufacturers.
  • Cost-effective as self-supported SMP dies can substitute expensive TCS PCD dies.


Self-supported and Fine-grain PCD blanks are used in most applications

Retention of roundness for a long time

Less downtime of drawing machine

Suitable for both wet and dry drawing

A profitable substitute for TC dies used in making carbon steel wires

Can be comfortably used for many miles of wire drawing even under no repolishing conditions